The Ark of Nuh

Long long ago, there lived a pious old man whose name was Noah or Nuh alaihissalam. He was a Prophet of Allah. In those days people did not follow the true path. They did not worship Allah. So Allah sent Nuh alaihissalam to these people to give them the message of truth. But they all refused to accept his call. He tried his best for a very very long time, but no one except for a few poor people, paid any heed to him. The rich people turned against Nuh alaihissalm and tried to harm him. So he prayed for Allah’s help, and Allah heard his prayers and asked him to build an Ark. He told him that a great flood would come which would be a punishment for bad people. So Nuh alaihissalam started building a huge Ark with the help of handful believers. People laughed at him.

When the vessel was ready to sail after lots and lots of hard and tiring work, Nuh alaihissalam asked all the believers to go onboard in the name of Allah. Allah told Nuh alaihissalam to bring along a male and a female of every kind of living creature as well. Nuh alaihissalam had to keep enough food to feed them all for a long time. This was a big job, but Nuh alaihissalam and his followers carried it out with all sincerity.

One by one all the animals entered the Ark. Some had wings and some had legs; some crawled and some hopped. All came riding to the Ark in pairs. The Ark became a huge barn for the animals and safe houseboat for the believers.

The animals came running – giraffes and rhinos, elephants and camels, monkeys and wolves, cats and kangaroos, bears and horses, cows and sheep, lions and tigers – and all went into the Ark in pairs.

There were chickens and dducks, flamingos and hawks, peacocks and pelicans, ostriches and hens – to name but a few. Birds both tiny and big that flew high above the earth came along too. All were gathered in pairs and led on board.

Tortoises, snails and turtles came crawling along the ground. Then came the frogs an grasshoppers who hopped right into the Ark. Rabbits too ran races – let’s see who gets on board first! And finally came the crocodiles with their big jaws.

No sooner had all the creatures come on board and the supplies had been stowed away, than the black clouds began to cover the sky. First, there was a drizzle, then the rains came. More and more rain fell each day. Day after day, rain and more rain. The whole world seemed to be dark. It became darker and darker with strong winds blowing every side and water rising in huge waves as far as the eye could see.

Allah commanded the floodgates of heaven to open and the ground to crack open so that a fountain of water came shooting up. The rivers overflowed and water fell in torrents. The Ark rose and fell on waves as tall as mountains. More and more water came till the valleys were filled, the trees were covered by the waters, the hilss disappeared and the mountains themselves sank out of sight.

The world was like an enormous sea – the only thing one could see was water everywhere. Far down below, all those who had paid no attention to the call of the Prophet Nuh alaihissalam and remained on land were drowned in the mighty flood.

With the rain hammering in the roof and a great wing that roared all around, the Ark went on sailing amidst the waves. The thunder rolled and the lightning flashed from the angry skies. Everyone on board was very frightened, but Nuh alaihissalam kept praying to his Lord for His Mercy at this great moment of trial.

When the flood had  reached its peak, Allah commanded the earth to swallow its water and sky to hold back the rain. The water began to dry up. The rain had stopped! The clouds began to part. As the level of the water began to go down, the mountain peaks began to rear up out of it. The Ark was caught by the peak of Mount Judi in a land now known as Turkey and rested upon it.

The prophet Nuh alaihissalam and the believers who were with him thanked Allahfor saving them from such a devastating flood. Everyone happily came out of the Ark. The animals were led to safety. Nuh alaihissalam “Lord, let my landing from this Ark be blessed, for You alone can make me land in safety.”

In this way Allah made the flood and the Ark of Nuh alaihissalam a sign and a warning for future generations.


Written by Saniyasnain Khan

Find out more: To know more about the message and meaning of Allah’s words, look up the following parts of the Quran which tell the story of Prophet Nuh alaihissalam:

  • Surah Al-Araf (7:59–64)
  • Surah Aal-Imran (3:33),
  • Surah An-Nisa (4:163),
  • Surah Hud (11:26, 27, 25, 29, 31, 35–41, 44, 105-110),
  • Surah Al-Isra (17:3),
  • Surah Al-Muminoon (23:23)
  • Surah Ash-Shuara (26:105–107)
  • Surah Al-Ankabut (29:14)
  • Surah As-Saaffat (37:75–79),
  • Surah Al-Hadid (57:26)
  • Surah Nuh (71:1–28),


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