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The king of Yemen, Thabbaan Asad, was travelling to do business at Sham. He passed next to al-Madinah and he left his son in al-Madinah to do business until he returned from Syria. The people of Madinah killed his son.

When Thabbaan Asad came back and heard the news that his son was killed, he decided to destroye Madinah. His army was overwhelming compared to that of Madinah and attacked crushing the opposition.

At that time Jews were living in Madina. When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, the Jews dispersed – some of them who came to Arabia searched for the Promised Land where the “nabi” (prophet) would be sent. Their books already had signs of the awaited Prophet and were looking for the place where he would immigrate to. They saw the signs in Madina, and few other places such as Hajar. Three Jewish tribes – Banu Qainuqa, Banu Nadheer and Banu Quraidha – settled in Madinah. Continue reading