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Tale of a Fish

A very old and powerful community used to live around 800 B.C., in Nineveh, an ancient town believed to have been in the left bank of the Tigris river, some 230 miles north-west of Baghdad. Allah sent the Prophet Yunus (Jonah) alaihissalam to this community to guide them on to the right path.

The Prophet Yunus alaihissalam did as Allah said and went to these people. He gave them His message and warned them to turn away from their wickedness. The Prophet Yunus alaihissalam preached to them for a long time, but they paid no heed to his words. When he realized that they intended to continue on the wrong path, he warned them about how bad their actions were and that in the end they might be made to suffer. Angry and despairing, the Prophet Yunus alaihissalam left these people.

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The Ark of Nuh

Long long ago, there lived a pious old man whose name was Noah or Nuh alaihissalam. He was a Prophet of Allah. In those days people did not follow the true path. They did not worship Allah. So Allah sent Nuh alaihissalam to these people to give them the message of truth. But they all refused to accept his call. He tried his best for a very very long time, but no one except for a few poor people, paid any heed to him. The rich people turned against Nuh alaihissalm and tried to harm him. So he prayed for Allah’s help, and Allah heard his prayers and asked him to build an Ark. He told him that a great flood would come which would be a punishment for bad people. So Nuh alaihissalam started building a huge Ark with the help of handful believers. People laughed at him.

When the vessel was ready to sail after lots and lots of hard and tiring work, Nuh alaihissalam asked all the believers to go onboard in the name of Allah. Allah told Nuh alaihissalam to bring along a male and a female of every kind of living creature as well. Nuh alaihissalam had to keep enough food to feed them all for a long time. This was a big job, but Nuh alaihissalam and his followers carried it out with all sincerity.

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